The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic brings challenging times for many countries, companies, families, and individuals. Therefore we wanted to make a brief statement about how it is affecting us here at

We have our main office in Norway as well as remote workers in the USA, Italy and several other European countries that are all currently experiencing various levels of lockdown. Since the start of the pandemic we have been encouraging our team to work from home as much as they like, and appropriate to the level of lockdown where they live. is a remote friendly organization, and as such we have had no real disruption in our operations due to this decision. Read our blog post about remote work at to learn more about how we do things.

Our Oslo office in Forskningsparken has been open again for some time, where the building staff are taking sensible precautionary measures while allowing people to use the building as normally as possible.

We continue to develop our products, create new releases, and support our customers as usual. New releases are imminent, we have hired new team members, and there is much to look forward to!

We encourage everyone to listen to their government's advice, take all needed precautions, and stay safe and healthy during this time!