Careers at operates as a distributed organization with people working from a variety of locations and countries.

We have two main locations, one in San Francisco and one in Oslo, and our share of remote workers revolves around 50%.

Current open positions

Role Location
Sales Representative Mender Remote (Germany)
Backend Software Engineer Remote (Europe)
Customer Engineer Remote (Europe)
Director Business Development Partnerships Oslo or remote (Europe, USA)
Senior Full-stack Software Engineer Remote (Europe)
Smart, team-oriented engineers Oslo or remote (Europe)
Software Engineer (embedded/client) Oslo or remote (Europe)
Software Quality Automation Engineer Oslo or remote (Europe, USA)

On-site and remote work

Companies are different, and people are different. Some companies create models and cultures around heavily centralized locations, while others go all-in with a fully distributed model. Some people can enjoy life the most and be the most effective and efficient working out of their home office, while others depend on daily face-to-face interactions with colleagues to feel and take up the energy and vibes of an office.

At our mindful approach has evolved into a hybrid model and culture that accommodates both on-site and remote workers.

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