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Are you a passionate Java developer looking for an internship? If so, it's time to close this tab because

🚫 We don’t do Java! 🚫

We rather use exciting technologies like Go, React, Python, C, C++, Azure, AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes to solve real world problems. Our passion is security, and we are on a quest to secure the world’s connected devices.

Who are we?

Who are you?

  • 😎 An engineering student.
  • 🚀 Passionate about technology with a willingness to learn.
  • 💻 You have some coding experience (it can be Java, but we will show you where Java ends and the fun starts).
  • 💪 You intend to become a great team player and world-class software developer.

What do we offer?

  • An experienced and friendly team you can learn from.
  • Very flexible working hours (ideally around 15 hours per week on average) so that you can deal with school when you need to and work with us when you have a few spare hours during your day at the campus.
  • A great office in Forskningsparken, just across the street from IFI; but you can work remotely if you prefer.

Are you ready to take the leap, join our team, and start your journey toward becoming a top-notch tech professional? Apply now so we can work together to create outstanding solutions that change the world! And remember:

Life's too short for a lousy internship!

About us

Northern.tech is an international and innovative team based in Oslo, Norway and California, USA who have set out on a mission to “Secure the World’s Connected Devices.”

We have a strong belief in our company culture, and think that every day at work should be enjoyable and meaningful.

We’re looking for team players. We’re looking for people who love to learn. We’re looking for optimists. We’re looking for those who bring out the best in others. We’re looking for people who can grow. We’re looking for people who are different.

We offer:

  • Fair pay & benefits
  • Flexible working hours & vacation time
  • Generous parental and family leave
and more benefits. Read about careers at Northern.tech.

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If you believe you are a good fit for the position and will thrive in our working culture, please leave your details and resume below.

We believe that everyone should be treated equally and with respect while working with us, and during the hiring experience. Learn more about our application process.

One of our core beliefs is that everyone should be treated equally and with respect while working with us, and during the hiring experience.

We also believe that everyone should feel free and comfortable to be themselves. We welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, or religion.

Diversity and equality