Interns: Engineers

Location: Oslo

Want to work for one of Norway’s most exciting open source technology companies? Do you see the beauty of highly automated IT-operations at large scale, or how to update the latest and coolest IoT products? Are you a geek that would like to learn, contribute and work with passionate peers on big challenging problems?

We are looking for interns who will be working closely with our development team in Oslo. For all roles, the following apply:

Main responsibilities

  • Be proactive and work closely with your mentor
  • Suggest improvements related to the product and/or processes
  • Implement changes to our product and/or processes
  • Be a positive force to the team

Desired skills and experience

  • Experienced Linux/Unix geek
  • Demonstrated skills in various scripting languages (Bash, Perl, Python, etc.)
  • Strong motivation to make things better

We offer internships for the following roles:


You will be assigned one of our core developers as your mentor. The project and tasks will be jointly decided between you and the mentor. You must be a strong C developer and able to refer us to projects you have done/contributed to (we love home-grown fun projects). As a C developer you will contribute to the core of CFEngine, which constitutes the foundation for the leanest and most scalable automation solution in the world.

QA engineer

You will be assigned one of our core developers. The project and tasks will be jointly decided between you and the mentor. You must have experience with Python and strong interest in the game of QA and how to continuously optimize testing, coverage and reporting on code quality through automation.

Diversity and equality

One of our core beliefs is that everyone should be treated equally and with respect, while working with us and during the hiring experience. We also believe that everyone should feel free and comfortable to be themselves. We welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, or religion. Being inclusive improves us and improves the work we do. We would love to see what you add to our team!

How do you know if this internship could be the thing for you?

First of all, you seek excellence. You want to do great in what you do. You are always looking for ways to automate, and you hate doing things manually. Everything you do is in code. You take great pride in your work. You believe you will thrive in our working culture, and want to be part of an international and innovative team.

If you like us, we like you and you have the interest, this internship might turn into a full-time job after graduation. In either case a part-timer opportunity with will be a cool, exciting and valuable experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ready to apply?

If this sounds like a match then we are super thrilled to receive your application. Please send an email describing why you want to join and why you think we should hire you. Attach a short CV, and send it to jobs "@"

The position is for our office in Forskningsparken in Oslo.

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