When you apply to join us at Northern.tech, here's what you can typically expect.

Applying for a position

Our open positions are found on our Careers page – if you find one that you think you'd be suited to, you can read all about the role and submit your application through the form. We just ask for some basic information, and you can attach your resume for us to look over.

Once we receive your application, these are usually the next steps in the application process:

We'll get in touch

If we think your resume is interesting and a match for the position, we’ll send a short form back for you to fill in with your contact details and a little more information about you.

Phone/video call - cultural fit (30 minutes)

After you send this form back to us, we’ll arrange a call with you. This introductory call is for us to get to know you, and find out if our culture and values are a good fit for you.

Phone/video call - technical/skill screening (30 minutes)

You'll be invited to second short call to make sure your level of skill and experience match the position you are applying for. This will be with a different member of the team from the cultural fit call, and will be more about the specifics of the position.

Homework task

We’ll then ask you to spend a short amount of time completing a relevant task at home, so we have an opportunity to look at a piece of your recent work. (At this point we will also start reference checks, but you don’t need to do anything extra for that!)

On-site interview (half day)

If the screening calls were successful and your homework looks good, we’ll invite you to come to one of our offices for a full interview. You’ll get to meet the team, see our workspace, and get to know all about us. We’ll get to know more about you, review your homework with you, and go through some more in-depth technical or skill-related questions.

The offer

After a successful on-site interview, we’ll then hopefully extend an offer to you!