Given the extent your physical and mental life is being absorbed by work, selecting your next workplace is challenging and tough. This blog post outlines three important topics to be mindful of when considering joining

A new job brings with it new opportunities and challenges, new lifelong friendships will be formed and previously unthinkable new doors will be opened. For a fruitful partnership to emerge between employer and employee, both parties must acknowledge and appreciate the need for a give and take relationship. It is not only what you can do for the company, or the company can do for you - it is about what the parties can do for each other and how the sum exceeds their individual value.

Team values

Below are three important topics you should ensure align well with you and who you are as a person, before applying for a job at

You believe in our mission

Any employee of will have several job opportunities and offers. Which one should you select? Given that you will spend around a quarter of your non-sleeping life working, you should care about the product or service you create and/or work on. The products and mission of your company should be meaningful to you. Your work should align with who you are and what you believe in.

Read about our mission and why we think it is important to secure the worlds connected devices. If you find creating and developing software to help make the transformation from an analogue human-only to a digital human-droid world being important, you have checkmarked the first important topic of consideration.

You are an autonomous team player

The most thriving and successful employees of can best be described as autonomous team players. By nature people want to be free and autonomous and this sense of independence and self-reliance we seek to accomplish at

An autonomous employee knows the requirements for doing a good job. If there is anything the autonomous employee does not know, it’s not a problem, because they know how to obtain the necessary knowledge. We operate in autonomous ways, clearly defined by roles and responsibilities. We seek to steer clear of dreadful micromanagement pitfalls.

Selfless people will do good at We win as a team, and we lose as a team. What you as an individual contributed to a specific achievement is considered inferior to how you enabled others to succeed. In a well-oiled machine everyone takes good care of each other, and puts the team first. We are collectively able to perform more effectively and efficiently than the sum of all individual employees.

If you don’t need a manager. If you know that you can thrive in an autonomous workplace. If you view winning and losing as a team more fun and meaningful than scoring high on individual performance, you have checkmarked the second important topic.

Your beliefs align with our beliefs

People come and go. Products come and go. Strategies come and go. Customers come and go. In business, as in life, most things come and go. Only a few things have the properties to remain long-lived and constant. Beliefs are one such thing. As described in “Creating value while having fun”, beliefs are fundamental to a business and its success. Beliefs guide you through life. Your beliefs should align with those of your employer.

You should read about’s beliefs. If the main essence and core of these beliefs align with what you truly believe, will be a good place for you and vice versa. Many challenging discussions and tough decisions will be easy simply because of this shared set of beliefs. Shared beliefs make it easier to not worry about each battle, because we know that together we will win the war.


If you find value in our mission to secure the world’s connected devices, you consider yourself an autonomous team player, and you share our beliefs, the stars seem well aligned for a great life here at; most likely will benefit greatly from your contributions and you will benefit greatly from working at

It can actually be that easy.