Our Mission - to Secure the World's Connected Devices

Why it matters

The world is quickly becoming more connected. Digital services and products will soon affect most aspects of people’s lives including our health, finances, education and entertainment - they are becoming as vital to society as traditional infrastructure services like electricity and water. This means the security of these services becomes more and more important.

At a higher level, our purpose is to enable the evolution of our connected world to progress in a safe and reliable way. We all want to live in reliable societies in which technology and connectivity are improving our lives, not putting us at risk. So at Northern.tech, we want to develop products that make our connected world safe to live in.

Northern.tech is a customer driven company

Our strategy

At Northern.tech we want to build a suite of ease-to-use security products for the connected world. Each product shall not only be a single-purpose product, but also complement each other to give our customers the option to pick and choose the products that best fits their needs. Our products shall address the needs of everyone from small companies to large enterprises - world wide.

It is not only our products that shall be easy to use, but for every interaction we have with customers, partners and other stakeholders, we want them to be left with the impression that we are easy to deal with. We care greatly about our customers, and all our objectives and goals ultimately are there to delight our customers and provide them with maximum value. Northern.tech is a customer-driven company.

We develop and sell technology products, and therefore we invest most of our resources in engineering and R&D. We believe in polyglotism, and prefer to hire team-oriented and smart engineers who fit our culture. Whatever is the technology flavor of the day matters less. Smart people learn and adapt fast.

Finally, automation is an important part of our strategy. We seek to automate as much as possible whether it is development and release processes, finance, sales or general administration. Our goal is to free up as much time as possible for employees to think creatively and work proactively.

If you want to learn more about our how-to, check out our operating model.

Northern.tech is supported by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Read more