Ethical, health and safety guidelines

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At we believe following ethical, health and safety guidelines is good for business. We expect our customers, partners and other stakeholders to live by the basic principles of good business practices as defined by the use of common sense.

Our business is based on our beliefs.

Further, we shall:

  • always abide by the law
  • treat and respect everyone equally regardless of gender, race, background, age, religion, disability and sexuality
  • have zero tolerance for corruption
  • not deal with partners, vendors, or customers if we suspect corruption or unethical behavior

If anyone suspects any irregularity, we have processes in place for informing, and/or blowing the whistle. Internally, there is a service for anyone, anonymously, to report either a) directly to the CEO, or b) directly to the board of directors without the CEO knowing.

A dedicated person in charge

We have a dedicated person responsible for Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The main purpose of this role is to control and understand the working conditions at the company, evaluate risks and make improvement plans. This internal control is to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly working environment

The HSE officer is responsible for defining the HSE policy. The CEO is responsible for implementing the HSE policy. The “verneombud” is responsible for ensuring that the defined HSE policy is implemented as expected.

The “verneombud” is a role defined by Norwegian labor law, and applies only within Norway. Outside of Norway, there is no mechanism for ensuring that the HSE policy is followed, and it is the responsibility of each and every employee to report incidents.

Working conditions include things like ventilation, cleanness, noise, lighting, ergonomy, accidents and assistance, pollution, social conditions, working hours and safety.

Setting the bar according to Norwegian standards

The HSE policy of originates from Norwegian labor law, but has decided to apply the same policy to every employee / full time contractor, regardless of which country they are employed in, to the extent possible, as we believe the Norwegian standards set a good bar.

There are no managers. Everyone reports to the same person; the CEO. All employees are encouraged to help and assist the HSE officer in his work, and especially to do so during the Periodic review process (3 times a year).

HSE work shall be continuous and everyone is responsible for reporting any incident, or areas of improvement. The HSE officer, managing director and CEO will have frequent status updates to discuss developing issues.

Annual assessments and continuous improvement

Once a year we do a more thorough evaluation of HSE conditions and results of such work since last evaluation.

Whenever a new incident, or an idea for improvement occurs, the HSE officer will bring this up and discuss the steps with the CEO. In these cases a written action plan shall be made for documentation purposes and put inside our internal compliance folder.

After a new plan has been executed, both the HSE officer and the CEO shall then review the outcome together and see if desired effects have been achieved. The result of the change shall be communicated to all employees along with updates during the process.

All new employees are given an introduction to our HSE policy, and will be informed about our procedures through our “How we do things” handbook. To ensure compliance, this is a task in our internal onboarding todo list for new employees.

Regarding environmental, social and general governance, we do an annual assessment were we look into issues such as:

  • Corruption risk and handling
  • Potential harmful environmental impact
  • Unethical supply chain/production practices
  • Review ethical guidelines (as mentioned on this site)
  • Background checking of new partners and agents