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To ensure our commitment against corruption, we have established several internal processes while keeping transparency, accessibility and simplicity in mind,

  • Transparency is one of our core beliefs. One of our continuous practices is keeping everyone within the organization up to date with the information concerning our business and operations. Each month, a company-wide status report is sent with a thorough insight into each aspect of our business/technical operations. Employees are encouraged to review/discuss any of the provided information and the relevant department/team is responsible for addressing any questions or concerns raised by others.

  • We have an internal system (whistleblowing) in place where all our employees/interns can anonymously report any suspicious/irregular activity within the organization to the CEO. If the CEO is unable to address it or deemed to be a participant in the suspicious activity, there is another system that enables all the employees/interns to bypass the CEO and anonymously reach out to the Board of Directors directly.

  • We have dedicated officers who are responsible for reviewing and approving different types of operational costs to ensure that there’s no inefficient use or abuse of company’s resources. Each expense is reviewed by at least 2 people.

  • Our dedicated Security Officer is responsible for ensuring that our internal and external digital operations are aligned with the best-in-class privacy/security practices and they are in compliance with all the applicable regulations and requirements from the governing bodies; as well as our customers and partners.

  • We have a dedicated Safety Officer responsible for ensuring the wellbeing and safety of all the employees and interns; also to ensure that we proactively mitigate any possibility of exploitations and burnouts. Especially for our remote-workers around the world who may not be well familiarized with the Norwegian labor laws which are the foundation of our Health & Safety policies.

  • We have placed a robust and transparent hiring process to ensure that all our hirings are based on merit and to mitigate any chances of favoritism. As soon as a candidate is shortlisted for further interviews, the hiring process is visible to the other employees; it is the right of every employee to raise any reasonable question/concern regarding a specific candidate/hiring-process. Furthermore, we have a veto-based selection process which means that all the stakeholders (concerning department/team) have to agree prior to moving forward. This process further ensures our democratic organizational infrastructure.

  • Our flat-organizational structure enables us to continuously receive feedback/suggestions from all our employees/interns and improve our internal processes to ensure maximum transparency and simplicity. All our employees are also able to opt in/out from any group-mailing-lists making our internal flow of information transparent and accessible by everyone.