Although we're now into February – this post was delayed a little by vacations – we'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! We have an exciting year ahead of us in 2020 as we ramp up our efforts in both Mender and CFEngine products. We ended 2019 having filled several positions, and with our new team members on board we feel like we’re in even better shape to shine in the coming year.

Summit in Svarstad

The highlight of January was a super productive and very enjoyable company summit in Svarstad, Norway. The entire company got together for a few days of hard work and play – read more here.

Team events

On the third Friday of the month, Ole Petter hosted a crash course in Spacemacs for the more curious souls in our team. It was a success by all accounts, and we look forward to more knowledge sharing sessions like this in the future!

We also had a board game night in our office on the final Friday of the month. A fun social evening for the team with games, snacks, drinks, and a little friendly competitiveness.

Congratulations to Nils Christian!

Last but not least, our CFEngine product manager Nils Christian and his family welcomed a new member to their own team! Their new baby was born in January and we’re all very pleased to congratulate them all, and wish their family all the best.

What's on in February

We look forward to presenting Mender at Embedded World 2020 between 25 - 27 February. We'll have a booth, and also deliver a talk on over-the-air software updates. See the event page for more!

Michael Clelland

Front end developer and UX enthusiast, Oslo

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