Today we are proud to reveal our new name and brand; aims to become an international engineering powerhouse where bright and team oriented people work together to create the easiest to use solutions to support our mission of “Securing the World’s Connected Devices”. is the company behind, the leading configuration management and automation platform for large scale IT infrastructures, and, the fast growing solution for updating embedded and IoT devices safely and reliably.

Both our existing products will continue to operate under their existing brands. New products will be released with their own unique branding, but all products will have the same people behind them.

Whereas you might have received emails from our people with and addresses in the past, this announcement marks a change. From now on emails will come from addresses. is a financially solid company that last year achieved a profit margin of 39%. We plan to continue to reinvest our profits into R&D.

We have offices in Oslo, Norway and California, USA. Being a truly distributed organization we will continue to work out of hotspot locations in various countries, ready to provide our customers with stellar support 24/7.

Unifying our products under one brand marks the start of a new era. As the world become more and more connected, the need for ensuring everyone’s safety will become ever more important. At, we have great plans and ambitions on how to create meaningful products helping us all face a prosperous and safer tomorrow while having lots of fun along the way.

We hope you like our new name and brand, and we promise to continue working hard to ensure the best possible support to our customers all around the world.