Data collection for hosted Mender

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We need to process certain data in order to provide Hosted Mender. This might be data that you submit to us or data that is generated when you use the service. On this page, we will maintain an updated list of the categories of data that we process. You can read more about our processing of data in our privacy policy:

  • Signup process information
  • Credit card information from signup process (stored with payment vendor
  • Name, organization, size
  • User email addresses / account passwords
  • Files uploaded by users such as "Artifacts" and their metadata
  • Device public keys (for authentication)
  • Device inventory information (mac address, ip, customizable by user)
  • User / Device IP addresses (logs for operations)
  • Overall product usage / API operations performed by user (logs for operations)
  • Internal application data (such as deployment history, currently installed software, installation logs from devices, statuses)