Our culture

What does it mean to work at Northern.tech? Well, we offer a different workplace compared to most traditional hierarchical organizations.

We have a flat organizational structure, and when you work with us, you are treated as an equal. Contributions and decisions can come from anywhere in the organization - on anything from minor matters to important strategic choices. We promote self-organization and autonomy while recognizing our greatest strength is working together as a team - in a friendly, transparent, and collaborative atmosphere.

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  • Empowerment
  • Transparency
  • Flat organization
  • No-title culture
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Measurable metrics
  • Individual creativity
  • Team collaboration
  • Collective purpose
  • Customer focus
  • Research and development

We offer an attractive workplace

  • Flexibility in working hours & vacation time
  • Fair pay & benefits
  • Team building cabin trips
  • Team bonuses
  • We enable and encourage individual improvement - attend conferences, enjoy a free Kindle and books

What we ask of our team members

  • To be self-driven
  • Support your colleagues and our company goals
  • To be versatile and agile
  • Be ready to learn new skills
  • Aim for continuous improvement

Our values

As a team we are connected by our shared values. These are the beliefs that are important to us at Northern.tech, that help us work and grow together and improve individually.

Enable and empower

Within our team, we want to enable and empower ourselves and our colleagues to succeed and grow, to be autonomous, and to be creative.

We're also in the business of enabling others achieve their goals, so ease of use comes first. We should be the easiest organization to deal with; from sales to product on-boarding, from usage and documentation to customer support.

Equality and respect

Everyone is treated equally and is considered to be essential to the success of the company.

We should treat people with equal respect - colleagues, partners, vendors and customers. Taking good care of our people and eco-system in general will serve us well and is as important as the way we treat ourselves and our colleagues.


The first step in becoming successful and achieving our goals is to think big. Everything we do, we should aim high - we plan for success.


We share the value and knowledge we produce. The more open we are, the easier it is for others to understand our intentions, learn from our work and respect us.

In an autonomous and open organization like ours, access to information is essential for sound decision making. A transparent culture ensures decisions are always based on the fullest available information and knowledge possible.

We should always try to speak and act honestly with each other, and not be afraid to seek feedback and collective wisdom from our colleagues.


We believe in trusting people, and in proving trust through actions and communication. The natural openness and free flow of information that follows trust enables us to move faster and more swiftly. Trust also leads to genuine actions and communication, which makes our work days more enjoyable.

Join our team!

We're always looking for talented people to join us. Take a look at our current open positions on our careers page.


Northern.tech is supported by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Read more