Over-the-air software updates for embedded devices

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Avoid recalls and patch security vulnerabilities for embedded Linux IoT devices

Mender is an open source remote software updater for embedded Linux devices. It enables the management of software updates to connected devices remotely, whether over-the-air or over any TCP/IP network.

It allows you to deploy an image-based update from the server-side component of Mender to your connected device or devices. The deployment is done securely using HTTPS and the partitioned setup makes sure your device will stay up and running should anything interrupt the update process.

"Atomic updates with built-in rollback is a key requirement. We need to make sure our devices continue to work with automated rollback if the update didn't take for any reason. Mender provided that crucial capability."

Joel Hermanns, CIO of gridX

  • Rootfs rollback support
  • Yocto integration with the meta-mender layer
  • Secure TLS communication between client/server
  • Signing and verification of image artifacts for authenticity
  • Easy-to-use interface

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