Long story short: we are in the process of migrating our Travis/Jenkins CI infrastructure to GitLab CI while keeping our source code in GitHub and thus the Open Source workflow that we love.

So what is the challenge with it?

At the moment, the GitLab CI integration with GitHub has a limitation t...

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Given the extent your physical and mental life is being absorbed by work, selecting your next workplace is challenging and tough. This blog post outlines three important topics to be mindful of when considering joining Northern.tech.

A new job brings with it new opportunities and challenges, new l...

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Our operating model assumes value is created as a function of beliefs.

At Northern.tech we strongly believe in autonomy and the goodness in people. Humans are born free and happy. These are states naturally pursued throughout life. Work and private life should be one and the same. At Norther...

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A great barrier to progress relates to decision making. Without clarity in decisions, directions and prioritizations become ambiguous. This translates to slower, and in worst case, a randomly moving business.

At Northern.tech we follow a few simple key decision making principles.

Make Frequent,


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At Northern.tech employees are allowed the freedom to choose their own organizational title. You may ask why a titleless culture currently resonates at Northern.tech. Read on….

The concept of titles

According to wikipedia, a title is a prefix or suffix added to someone's name in certain context...

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As previously described in the Value Creation Model, people’s beliefs about others, like colleagues, customers, etc. and beliefs about relevant systems, like budgeting processes, product development, etc. deeply influence their actions which in turn are intimately tied to value creation. Ther...

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In my first blog post, I explained how value creation starts and ends with people, and subsequently depends on their beliefs about other people and systems.

One such system, and a very essential one, is the operating model. An operating model explains why we do what we do and how to stay on cour...

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Survival of the fittest in a transparent business world often translates to speed; and the ability to move faster than the competition. Whether your organization sprints in intervals, or keeps a steady pace, the one who, over time, proves to be the most agile and fastest moving wins.

At Northern....

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To do good, have a good time and enjoy the day today gives meaning to life. The same applies to the meaning of business, with the addition of creating value, as perceived by others.

In this, and a series of blog posts, I will share how this fundamental belief has formed and continue to direct the...

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