We’re happy to announce the maintenance releases 3.7.8 LTS and 3.10.4 LTS today!

3.7.8 LTS and 3.10.4 LTS, being maintenance (aka patch) releases, the goal is to increase stability and reliability for CFEngine users and enable a safe upgrade-path. As such, these releases primarily includes bugfixes and low-risk changes that do not impact the compatibility between previous patch releases.

Looking at the CFEngine release schedule CFEngine release schedule, we can see that

  • 3.7 LTS is maintained (and supported for Enterprise customers) until August 31st 2018
  • 3.10 LTS is maintained (and supported for Enterprise customers) until December 27th 2019

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Improvements and fixes

We have introduced a number of smaller fixes for these releases. Some of the issues we have fixed in CFEngine Community include a bug in 3.7.3 and 3.10.3 where some data that was not on the system showed up when running cf-agent -v. We called this a palimpsest bug, and it has now been fixed. We have added the correct ipv6_ prefix to the IPv6 class. We keep caring about all platforms, and have fixed a bug specific to AIX where memory usage was not reported correctly. We have made a change where isExecutable() no longer returns an error when it follows a broken symlink, but only return false, which is the same behavior as it will have for a file that is not there. CFEngine now load augments at the end of context discovery. This means that classes defined as part of the context discovery – e.g. ‘am_policy_hub’ and ‘policy_server’ – can be used in the augments. In addition, we have improved the documentation in several places where it was not as clear or correct as it could be.

In CFEngine Enterprise, we have fixed several minor issues. There was bug where some widgets that should be movable in Mission Portal would snap back to where they were, that has now been fixed. You can now get command line info about all processes at once on Windows. We have also introduced a fix that significantly reduces the CPU usage during evaluation of the packages promise on Windows. System V init now notifies when it skips managing postgres because of HA. We have also added a very good guide to the documentation, “How to securely bootstrap your environment”.

As usual, dependencies have been upgraded in order to get the latest security, performance and reliability improvements.

You can see a list of the issues fixed in our public Jira for 3.7.8 here, and for 3.10.4 here.

For more details please see the relevant ChangeLog entries:


If you’re upgrading an existing CFEngine Enterprise installation, check out the upgrade documentation for 3.10 or 3.7 for guidelines to make the process as smooth as possible.

We are happy to assist CFEngine Enterprise customers with upgrading! Please contact sales to receive a fixed-price quote for upgrading your CFEngine infrastructure.

Get it!

CFEngine Enterprise packages can be downloaded here or you can take a quick spin with the CFEngine Enterprise Vagrant environment for 3.10 or 3.7.

Community Edition is released as source code, packages and Linux package repositories — to make installation as easy as possible!

We hope you enjoy the new releases, and we look forward to hearing about your experience in the CFEngine Google Group!

Thomas Ryd

Co-founder and leader, California


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