We’re happy to announce the maintenance release 3.10.2 LTS and the new 3.11.0 non-LTS release today!

3.10.2 LTS, being a maintenance (aka patch) release, the goal is to increase stability and reliability for CFEngine users and enable a safe upgrade-path. As such, the release primarily includes bugfixes and low-risk changes that do not impact the compatibility between previous patch releases.

3.11.0 non-LTS includes new features and is not covered under the CFEngine Enterprise support contract.

Looking at the CFEngine release schedule, we can see that 3.10 LTS is maintained (and supported for Enterprise customers) until December 27th 2019 3.11 non-LTS is maintained (but unsupported for Enterprise customers) until December 2017. If you are planning to contribute features to the next feature release (thank you!), please note that we would need the pull requests ready for merging by early September in order to have time to incorporate them into 3.12.

Improvements in 3.10.2 LTS

zypper is supported as a new package module for the package promise implementation introduced in 3.7, making package management with Zypper much more reliable. If you are currently using the zypper package_method (old package promise implementation), you might consider switching to this new package module instead.

Several issues around CFEngine start (init/systemd) scripts on multiple platforms have been fixed.

In CFEngine Enterprise Mission Portal, there was an issue exporting csv files in some environments, which is now resolved. The inventory report also correctly parses lists in all cases, not displaying any curly braces in the report itself.

As always, dependencies have been upgraded. Most notably, the CFEngine Enterprise 3.10.2 hub is shipped with Apache 2.4.27, PostgreSQL 9.6.3, PHP 5.6.31 and Redis 3.2.9.

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Eystein Måløy Stenberg

Co-founder and responsible for products


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